It’s okay that you don’t have it all together.

“Make sure you make you set out you clothes for tomorrow. It’s good to be organized”

My mom was (and still is) proud of her ability to get my sisters and I to have things well together.

When I was younger, organization moved like clockwork in my house. Everyone had to look good, clean up after themselves, and get organized for the next day.

But as I got older, I started to realize that life isn't as picturesque and organized as I was taught it would be in the four walls that surrounded my home.

When things weren't planned out, I panicked.

When people did things that were out of character, my anxiety went through the roof.

It was only until recent years when I went through my quarter-life crisis when I landed my first “good job” that I hated (and wasn't anything similar to what I studied in school, was in a shitty situationship, that I came to realize the way I was raised played a large role in the way I dealt with life around me.

When life became chaotic, and less organized, I found it hard to deal so I resorted to procrastinating when I simply couldn't make a decision.

It wasn’t until I left the good job I had that I realized that well, life won’t be all put together as we hope (and wish it would be).

In the midst of all the chaotics, I began to realize that it’s OKAY to NOT have it all together!

And it was only until that point, that I realized that it was okay to be a mess.

It was okay to not have everything organized, prepared for the next day, or for the next year.

In the messiness, I discovered what I loved, and most importantly, who I am.