Usher Tales: Hey Kids, Who Wants to Commit Mass Murder in the Front Yard?

It has been an interesting late summer/fall. My health issues were rough and I almost landed in the hospital again. This time with strep. Joys of autoimmune disease.

The house I loved was sold to someone else. And I tabled moving until Spring because road construction has detoured traffic to my quiet neighborhood testing the patience of my neighbors and commuters.

I’ve been lollygagging through home repairs and packing because my wee brain is overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. I vowed to stay away from the real estate sites and focus on my Usher.

Heh heh heh. That didn’t last long. “Just one peek” has turned into putting an offer in on a solid and charming brick home that I pass regularly but never noticed before. One family owned this home. The patriarch built it and lovingly cared for it. Now his daughter is selling — hopefully to me. She accepted my offer contingent on the sale of my Usher.

I’m back in frantic cleaning/packing/painting/Chicken Little mode. I have help of generous friends and family. As I clear away the layers of neglect and sadness in the form of stacks of mail, general clutter, and grime, I appreciate Usher more and more. She’s a good old house. It feels good to make her pretty again.

About that title…I must evict several hundred (thousand?) tenants from my front flower bed and backyard. About that bee shortage: No need to fret, folks, apparently they are all here.

Landscaping is stalled for rain and figuring out what to do next. They’re pretty little yellowjackets. They really are beautiful creatures when they arent going all “God Save the Queen” on my ass. The Buddhist and eco-nerd in me feels horrible that I have to be the Death Star to their Alderaan. (I can hear your collective eyes rolling from here.) Even if I wasn’t moving, kids and pets running around and a neighbor with an allergy make these little guys dangerous despite their benefit. Strangers who feel they need to school me on the sentient nature of insects. I get it. I’m a monster. Moving on…

Two weeks. Big progress planned in a push to stage Usher for sale quickly. I will check in with photos when I catch my breath.