Lady Justice Can’t Resolve Grief

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I gave you a hug,

Told you I loved you,

Then watched you drive away

Funny thing, I didn’t say good-bye

I thought I’d see you again

And I did

But not like I’d planned —

Laughing, beaming, wide-eyed

Ready for your next adventure


Your life had been taken

Leaving those who loved you

To figure out how to go on living,

To put your life,

Our lives,

On the scales of justice

And watch the weight tip one way

Then another

And back again,

And learn that in this earthly life

Justice is mind-boggling slow,

Defined centuries ago by those who

Have no stake in the outcome,

Purposely abstruse,

Blind in its rectitude,

Unfeeling by necessity;

Lady Justice wears her blindfold

And carries her scales well

But the sword remains by her side;

The day will come when,


The scales will balance

Her sword will rise

And the world will know

What we know…

Yet, in the aftermath,

On that quiet, still day

When Lady Justice moves on

To her next assignment,

Despite her strength and quest for equity,

Nothing will have truly changed.

Because …

The scales of justice can’t solve life’s most basic truth …

There is no counter-balance

For grief