Our Hearts Will Always Be One

Laura Hodges Poole
2 min readMay 12, 2020


(Cater Lake — Photo by Lindsay Marie Poole)

My fingertips trace the cold bronze letters

On her headstone;

As the late wintry breeze

Ices the tears on my cheeks,

I pull my sweater tighter.

One heartbeat separates us,

My daughter and me,

In one heartbeat she slipped into heaven.

I look around at the rolling landscape

Dotted with bouquets of flowers,

Birds chirping in the treetops,

Elms and pines swaying to their melody,

The earth turning daily toward spring,

Changing — renewing.

The calm is broken by a siren wailing in the distance,

My son’s world;

One day a heartbeat will separate me from him,

But no longer me from her.

Sadness overwhelms me with the thought.

Caught between hope and despair,

I feel the warmth of the sunlight streaming through scattering clouds,

A butterfly flits around my daughter’s bouquet,

Life in the midst of death.

As I stand to leave, I realize that hope wins;

With the knowledge that she’s reveling

In the harmonious nature of eternity,

Climbing trees with ring-tailed lemurs,

Swimming with sea turtles in the ocean,

Hiking in the mountains or

Playing with geese around a lake,

That comforting vision is enough for today.

God’s peace fills me with the sweet whisper of the psalmist,

“I am still with you.”

And I know it’s true.

One heartbeat may separate us,

But our hearts will always be one.



Laura Hodges Poole

Writer of fiction and non-fiction. Inspirational blogger at "A Word of Encouragement." Mother of two beautiful souls. Website: laurahodgespoole.com.