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Your thoughts become things.

Where are your thoughts, these days, about your life, your work, your health, your relationships?

Are you thinking positive, hopeful, appreciative, can-do, I’ve-got-this thoughts? Or, have you found yourself stuck in a pattern, or spiral, of negative thinking?

Everything that man has created in this world was first a thought in someone’s head. We think before we do. It seems sometimes we think too much, too long, too little, too big, too small, too too!

What are you currently creating with your thoughts? Look around and see. Feel.

What would you really love to manifest in…

So I decided to skip instead of run and my energy came back

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Here’s What Happened

My running schedule has been hit and miss the last few weeks.

Can you relate?

My intention has been to run 3–4 days a week. The last 2 weeks I’ve only gotten in 2 days a week.

I’ve been exercising. Just doing other things like tennis, long walks in the autumn woods with my husband, yoga, jump rope, a little bit of strength training.

None of these other things are really helping my running fitness.

So, I thought, just get out there, Laura. You don’t need to do 8 miles. Just run 3. Just run. Get back into it. …

Now I “act as if” and this has made all the difference.

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Here’s what happened

I’ve gained, lost, and gained 10 pounds since the pandemic started.

Say, what?!

Pretty crazy, huh?

The first 10 pounds were from doing too much baking when we were first sheltering in place.

You know, comfort food.


I dieted, fasted, increased my exercise. That helped some. Like many of us who have dieted, I am successful….until I’m not. They work. Then, they become unsustainable.

So, yeah.

I am a life coach. So, I put on my life coaching hat and started applying my life coaching tools to my problem.

I did two 30-day wellness challenges. That helped some.


I used “The Big Picture” tool to make this decision and take the right action for me.

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My running training plan had me doing hill work today.

But I woke up this morning with sore legs. Sore legs from taking a fun, uplifting, long walk on the beach yesterday.


What to do?

Do I do the prescribed hill work? Or, do I adjust? Did I make a mistake going for a long walk on the beach yesterday?

I am a life coach. I dug into my toolbox and came up with The Big Picture tool.

I love this tool. It allowed me to shift my perspective, my mindset, my attitude. It allowed me to step back…

Here’s what happened

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There is a correlation between how seriously we take life and how many problems it gives us. -Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Here’s what happened

I came to the first mile marker on my first run back after a long running break. I slowed to walk a few paces. I clapped and did a little happy dance.

Woohoo! You’ve got this, girl!

I looked up as I rounded the corner of the trail and saw 2 women smiling at me.

I said, Oops. Did you catch that?

They were laughing! Uh, Yes. Yes, we did! Hahahaha.

I said, I’ve just started running again after a break…

Here’s what happened.

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The back story

I tried a simple meditation to soothe, calm and relax my mind and body.

Eight words.

In, out. Deep, slow. Calm, ease. Smile, release.

I like doing my meditations while I walk or run or hold a yoga pose.

But… I couldn’t remember some of the words!

This was stressful and funny at the same time. How could I not remember 8 words?

At first, I tried harder. Laura, you’ve got this! You can remember this!

Uh. No. No, I still couldn’t remember all the words.

So. Hmmm. I decided to change the words to fit me.


Here’s what happened

A few…

This is so fun and playful

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The back story

I’ve recently read a few inspirational articles on Medium where someone has added 100 pushups a day to their pandemic-cannot-go-to-the-gym, do-at-home fitness routine.

Wow. So cool. I’d love to do 100 pushups every day!

And, of course, they give advice on breaking that up in to sets of 10, then progressing to sets of 20, and so on.


I started that. But I wasn’t getting all my sets in (ahem, or my modified pushup sets in). Hmm. I needed to start smaller. I was so, so humbled by how hard this was!

Then, I had an ah-ha that I…

Here’s what happened.

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My happy dance

A few weeks ago I completed what I thought was the last speech in my Toastmaster Pathway.

There are about 20 projects/speeches in a Pathway. Pathways are one of the tools Toastmaster uses for people to grow their speaking and leadership skills.

I gave my speech and participated in the rest of the meeting. When our Zoom meeting ended, I jumped out of my chair and did a happy dance around the room.


Woohoo! You, Go Girl! Yeah!

I felt joy and delight in my accomplishment.

I sat back down and logged into the Toastmaster online system, closed out…

But you can choose a different one.

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Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels

When we are born, we are born into a story.

We are born into the story of our family and the culture in which our family resides. We take in that story and learn the part we are to play. An identity emerges.

Who we are is, in many ways, determined by where and when we are dropped into the story. Of course, we know nothing else and have no reason not to believe it. We learn what can be done and what cannot be done. We are given a lens through which to see the world and ourselves.

We can choose a different one


By serving them, I served myself even more. Here’s what happened.

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It all started with a Toastmasters speech project

I am an introvert, like my own company, can entertain myself, and haven’t really been missing the reduced social interactions resulting from the disruptions caused by the coronavirus.

However, an idea has been percolating on the back burner of my mind for a few weeks that…

I would really love to attract some smart, switched-on, energizing, uplifting women into my life.

I got a sign from the Universe that it was time to take action on this idea when I looked at the next speech project in my Toastmasters Pathway.

My Toastmasters club has continued to meet weekly via Zoom…


Life Coach. Writer. Speaker. I love to help others manifest the life & work they would really love to have.

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