Thunder and Rain

What’s better than staying awake in the middle of the night and hearing a thunderstorm roll overhead? I can’t think of anything better to relax to than that.

Tonight, I’m sitting here, listening even now, as the rain patters against the roof and windows, contemplating the next scene in my story. Relaxing to the sound of rain is something I’ve always enjoyed during the summer months.

Ever since moving to the Midwest back in 2012, I’ve fallen in love with thunderstorms all the more. They’re nothing like the ones back in the West. There the strikes were long and few between, though sharp and loud like an avalanche. Here they rumble non-stop, sounding more like a jet engine with a sputter, speeding across the plains with nothing to stop them in their tracks.

And they can be frightening sometimes too. Living on the edge of Tornado Alley, there’s always the chance a severe storm can become the perfect catalyst to ruin someone’s life.

Thunderstorms are great to use in writing as well. They can set the mood, when things are uncertain and the action rising within the plot. It can show there is danger coming or give the protagonists time to escape before they’re caught.

What is your favorite kind of weather to watch or write about?

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