A poem by Laura Huseboe.

The misleading haze of twilight clouds our minds
Driving the good from sight.
We wish to know what lies beyond the next hill
But it is only danger that can be found.
Traverse the wearied world 
To find what you can see;
Tell the people of your travels,
Let them bathe upon your glory.
They deem you priceless for your daring
To see what lies beyond
The haunted hills and deserted towns.
What did you see, wandering traveler?
What did your eyes behold as you crossed this land?
Was there terror and sorrow wherever you went;
Was there peace and joy among those you met?
Must we travel the same path to see what you did,
To know that what we are told is not always truth?
Trust the path set before you,
Travel it to know the destiny that awaits.
Only when you have done what must be
Will you know if the truths and lies you were told
Should hold any meaning over the remainder of your life.

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