ArtBo: regards, voices & encounters

Modern art at ArtBo the most important fair art held in Colombia

I have always ask myself about the way an artist finds its particular voice and begins to make echo among multiple sounds and experiences, as many as Art expressions might exists, and how an artist´s voice plays a role in the reality from which it emerges and is a visible effect.

Maybe some artists are born with a particular sensitivity which allows them to perceive, model and express certain issues embed all around us, but only visible to those willing to detail, to wait, to enquire into. It might happen that some other artist are a sort of sighted: human beings with an extraordinary ability to provide sparks of the up coming… those really able to perceived the moment beating just before its birth to the light.

I also believe that certain artists are proof of tenacity: the ones that forge its unique voice in the very unpleasant experience of losing themselves deep down inside until they find that way to express its own vision of the world, and of course, there is the artist which is the voice of those who cannot speak, the one who yell out loud its talent to render visible the issues that as a society we do not want to see or seek to ignore.

ArtBo — Art fair in Bogotá Colombia

In this encounter between the artist and its personal voice I believe stands the beauty of Art. An individual looking for that something that will allow to connect and be part of the world, and not just be part of the world but to affect it. Nothing more human that the continuous quest for others, because is in this vital experience of founding different ways to understand the world that each one evolve, grows and enriches its own experience.

For these reasons, encounters such as ArtBo are very important in societies like Colombia, because as a collective experience it opens an essential door: the one that allows us to look back to the way we have act as a society to let us be aware of the present moment we hold on and finally, to takes us to imagine that place we want to reach in the days to come. As a subjective experience, Art enables us to recognize who we are in a depth level, because the mirror of Arts is where multiple regards and visions are reflected and we can finally understand that my reality is not the only one and so it became easier for us, human beings to accept that as individuals, my presence is also possible regarding the presence of others.

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