Digital trends — transmedia content

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This story its about transmedia content, digital platforms and convergence. Does it sound like the unknown dimension? Not at all! just keep reading.

Digital platforms — expanded universe

Let´s think about any given day and try to track the time spend in social media, mobil apps, netflix, email, twitter and so on. Regarding of the many platforms we are singed in, it is no surprising that time seems to fade away even if today, just like twenty years ago, a single day still holds 24 hours. But what surprises the most is that we dive ourselves so deep into this virtual experiences that sometimes we don´t even realized how much time we actually spend on internet or how is that we jump from a platform to another.

Now we got to the first key to point out: platforms embed a particular way to load and share content. Let´s think about Facebook, it is certainly not the same platform as Pinterest and I´m not talking about design, but about the way each one of this social media create and share content and the purpose in this particular differences. And how is that platforms are some kind of expanded universe? just imagine for a minute how many people would log right now into any social platform ready to upload, engage and share any given content. An exemple: remember the last pic uploaded into Facebook? maybe after that you went to sleep and next day you found 60 likes and 15 comments about it. Expanded universe: digital platforms keep working even if we are not logged into them and its almost impossible to control the way other users are going to interact with the content we share.

#Bamtalks — Bogotá

Transmedia content — convergence

Do you know how much time you spend watching your favorite series? Maybe you met with some friends to watch the last season of Game of Thrones and time will come when its characters would be sold on amazon if we are not already into that, but that´s what happens when content is so well done: it becomes so relevant that we want to embed the storytelling of it into our daily lives.

So we got to the second key to understand this story: content is the king, it contains not only a particular theme but a whole context, a structure, a way to be presented to the audience… indeed a good content is a story that needs to be told and share, and this is the final key that lead us to convergence: the ability of good content share in the rigth digital platform to connect and interact with others around similar interests and to enrich ourselves with collective knowledge and networking experiences.