“debunking” stories of women facing harassment and death threats. There are many people who believe, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that gendered online harassment isn’t really a problem at all, who don’t understand the ways in which women are unfairly forced to put more on the line than men when they express opinions online. Just Google Quinn or Sarkeesian — a handful of obsessives have put a
What Happened When I Was Stalked On The Internet
Gigi J Wolf

Gigi, Hi!! I’m so sorry to hear about RK. I didn’t know any of this until just now. I’m in an awkward place myself. I’ve been stalked online as well as real life and I’m not sure about the persons identity but its made a total mess of social media life and especially Quora. I first was targeted while using Quora, he’s definitely from that site. Probably a user. Now I’d appreciate ANYTHING you’d like to assist me with since I’ve been officially banned for the antics of someone with far more technical skill than myself. I’m not sure how to use any other writing outlet online which is ashamed since I do really enjoy writing. Quoras policy has allowed him to remain, in all likelihood, still their while I’ve been banished. His obsession w/me is mostly bizarre.I swear I didn’t ask for anyone to harass me. I’m always polite, non confrontational even. And people don’t understand how much harder is it for women than men to use their real identies while online. Quora’s policies that are blame the victim mentality based are making things much harder. I’m stunned honestly. And I thought I should mention something that does relate to you specifically. I just can’t find another avenue to reach out since I’m banned or blocked or shunned or whatever it is. You’ve got a follower you’re close to that seems to warrant further questioning. I’d appreciate it if you not mention this, me, NAME, since I thought you’d probably want to know this information.

I’ve always liked your answers there. And had I known about this, might been help each other sooner. Hopefully, you’re making some progress cuz I’m not. My kitty profile pic also made me stand out I guess. Can I ask you to reach out by email? I don’t want to further violate your privacy anywhere so I’ll wait for you to contact me. I haven’t figured out any of mediums settings or customs so, my bad(???) Here’s a temporary one I set up so I can get this done. Of course I’m upset and now I realize what women online have to loose, but maybe I can help others handle this better hey? Thanks for the post it was great(as usual).


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