Although there are in fact many questions asked by Quora’s question bots, the OP’s are clearly indicated as a bot, for instance “Quora Location Bot.” I’ve got a list of known bots around somewhere, but of course it’s impossible to find.
Although there are in fact many questions asked by Quora’s question bots, the OP’s are clearly…
Nancy Jacobsen

Ok I responded to a question on Quora sometime many moons ago, it took me awhile to unearth but I finally got it! The original question was, What feels weird about Quora. Here’s my response. Go ahead and upvote..oh. No, wrong site! My bad 👎!!

Weird? You want to know what feels weird about our gal Quora? Gosh, I'm not sure I can think of one single aspect of Quora that's unusual.

Ok that was my politically correct answer. Now here's an honest Laura answer.

Quora bots? I mean what is that about? All I can envision are R2D2 little guys in a small room. Squeezed in like sardines side by side. Quora is a question-answer based forum. This isn't a scantron sheet test. How does a robot determine who's in violation of spam? Or any other upper management decisions?

And how about those moderators kids? All personality I'll tell you they seem more peculiar than the bots to me at times. They are the guardians of the Quora underworld I think. Does anyone know how the moderators read every word typed and posted? Surely they must secretly rejoice when they see smaller answers. I couldn't read enough Quora answers to be elected a moderator(not like they've asked ok).

And I understand that Quora must enforce its policies. I understand we all need to strive to be respectful. There are people I won't agree with anywhere I go in life.

However, I'd personally appreciate it if Quora would explain a little bit more when a writer is warned about possible spam or blocking. It's acceptable of course when I'm warned but there are no other details just this in a nutshell;

“Laura stop misbehaving. We will revoke all privileges. Play nicer.”

See the problem? Is there like a suggestion on how to improve with my warnings? Also, perhaps an indicator of which answers are dangerously on the line. I can't improve myself until I'm properly corrected. I'm no mind reader!

And lets forget the lecture I could be giving about anamity. Not like I need a photo ID next to a person's profile but it's creepy too some days.

Ok please please don't let one of the bots get me in my sleep for my honesty Quora. Frankly, they scare me a little.

Thanks Quora!! This Buds for you!

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