Lately I have felt more detached and far from myself than I was before and waking up with worries and concerns had become a habit. As I build up my company, the onus of my attention continually extends outwards: hiring a team, raising investment… And, whilst I diligently try to keep up with my mindfulness routine, meditation, journalling and exercising — I found myself reaching for candy in my craving for comfort for too many days in a row.

Yesterday, as I was journalling my feelings of indignation and irritability over something transient and trivial — I caught myself being…

Sunday night. In the middle of Lancashire, in mid-October, next to Bowland forest, I stopped my car, walked out and looked up in the sky.

A day long rain finished an hour ago, the air was damp and the autumn wind was reminding me of the season shift by continuously tugging on the hem of my jacket and insistently moving my hair away from my face. Sky hung low. Occasional headlights of a passing car, coupled with my own hazard lights, were rhythmically illuminating the road sign next to me, interrupting the surrounding darkness. Enigmatic silhouette of the Bowland forest…

This piece has been written almost 3 months ago upon his passing.

Kazbek Saginov, my late father

Dear dad,

For years I had thought of legacy as something large and heavy, something that is tangible and comes with big walls and a bank account. While in your case this is true, your legacy reminds me of a butterfly effect, where my brain explodes in joy knowing that I won’t ever be able to comprehend and measure fully the impact of your work and dreams that you breathed into life.

Yes, I mention joy.

In the very walls that you’ve built, in the faces of thousands…

Whenever I say that I was born in Kazakhstan — I always get a reaction. It’s never a shrug and a boring “Meh”. It’s always either Borat jokes (they stopped being funny after about two months of the movie release), or an enquiry into how it is out there (I don’t know, I haven’t lived there for a very long time), or sharing that you have a friend in Uzbekistan (the equivalent of that is — “hey, you say you’re from the UK? Cool! I have a friend in France”. It’s dumb. Please stop it.), and only a few nerds…

It is peculiar and, at times, fascinating to observe, how uncomfortable we, human beings, are in wielding that inherent language of ours that we have spoken since the dawn of our species. The language of emotions and feelings. How expressive such language can be in the moments when words become obsolete, how sufficient and how full.

When feelings rise, linguistics fail. A simple shrug can say, so, so much more than a long-winded monologue. Yet, we somehow opt for the latter.

We get lost in the enticing labyrinth of our own words: sometimes lured in there by the words of…

Perhaps I’m going to tell you something that you already know (and it’s great if you do!) or something you never suspected you have as your superpower, but here it goes. One of your most powerful weapons is your vulnerability.

Simple, right? Not so much. I’ve met thousands people in my relatively short lifetime who were busy to put up the “cool” or “strong” mask on their face. People out of touch with themselves, their weaknesses, their fears, in other words — out of touch with their humanity.

The food analogy.

Look, if we all were strong 24/7 how different…

Bahasa Indonesian is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It was standardised to bridge the understanding amongst the wide-spread isles of Indonesian archipelago and its numerous tribes. Indonesia has 922 permanently inhabited islands… and about 17,000 other ones. It has at least 200 different languages being spoken on those islands, and some, like Java, has four languages alone.

That’s a lot of languages. However this isn’t the most peculiar part. It’s the fact that Bahasa Indonesian has no time in verbs. The way we identify that we have done something, or we are still doing it —…

Someone dear to me told me a story, that our counting of millennia is wrong. It should be counted from the very first human settlement — about 10,000 BC, which makes it a year 12017 — somewhat putting into perspective as to how far we’ve come and how much more we can achieve.

I have a little time to reflect now before I board my 14 hour flight — the longest I have ever taken. I’m finally ready to go across the world to get enough sun and mind space to concentrate on what I love doing — creating, creating…

Fairly recently I decided to take a stand against objectification of women — specifically catcalling. I used to think, like many other women (and men!), that having a random stranger commenting on the appeal of my ass to them, is a compliment. Phrases like “Sexy body!” or “Gorgeous baby” and others, would almost always be followed by a dirty head to toe scan of me, or a kissing noise. I would leave the whole staring-on-the-public-transport-and-undressing-me-with-their-eyes thing for now.

I haven’t asked for their opinion.

As I grew older (and wiser) I realised that actually those comments are demeaning and incredibly…

Laura Sagen

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