Coaching Social Media, Part 1:

Don’t fear it, but don’t underestimate its power

As promised to my viewers and followers on Periscope TV, here’s a recap of what we covered today during our morning broadcast. Catch it in Spanish later, at 6 p.m.

1- Know first that there is no good or bad way to use Social Media (SM), only your own way
 A) keep it positive with positive messages
 B) use your intuition when accepting followers and online “friends”
 C) act quickly when you need to Block or Remove someone from your list
 2- Having pushed that out of the peripheral view, now it’s time to explore all options
 A) you don’t have to use them all but 
 B) it helps if you are familiar with most of them
 3- What social media outlet you are using already 
 A) let’s work on revamping them, renewing them, give them a fresh look
 B) change profile photo
 C) change page background image
 D) delete content not related to your new vision
 E) delete pictures that may compromise your credibility, authenticity or respect from customers 
 F) post announcement of your new venture, business, program, book, new pages
 4- What purpose are you currently fulfilling with it
 A) consider if you want to leave it as is and open a new one 
 B) or if by making minor changes you’ll be able to use it for your new project 
 5- how would you like to redirect, revamp, adjust that purpose
 A) before changing SM pages, make sure you know your goals, vision, mission, and have an Idea of your niche and target market
 Note1: know the difference between Mission and Vision
 Note2: know difference between target market and niche
 B) reposition your blogs
 C) add key and valuable hashtags to your titles e.g. My Twitter 
 D) repost with a different headline and see what works better e.g My and Wordpress titles 
 E) acknowledge and repost your friends posts e.g. with LinkedIn influential people reposting your work gets viewed by a larger audience

6- For what reason, what result do you expect to have
 A) make sure that you know the 5Ws and the H (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How)
 Who you will be speaking to or interacting with? (e.g. your target market)
 What you want to gain from them? (e.g. connection, follows, cuscomers, clients, join your community, sign up for your newsletter)
 When during the week you’ll be working on them? (e.g. scheduling posts, podcasts, broadcasts, tweets, blogs)
 Where you’ll post or promote your material? (SM outlets)

Why are you doing this? (e.g. goals, service, vision)

How are you going to manage them? (e.g. hiring a VA, taking in a student intern, getting help from a friend or relative, taking turns with your business partner

7- Explore new SM outlets
 A) open new accounts (be familiar with all of them, so you can choose and pick later)
 B) know what to post in them (Copywriting and editing, key here)
 FB, Medium, Wordpress, LinkedIn, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Pinterest

C) test what works for you (use your time wisely, schedule postings, and offer valuable content)
 D) do not, do not underestimate hashtags — e.g. my Twitter example: by using the right hashtags I gained more followers 
 8- A little bit of cleaning

A) carefully, look at those followers on Periscope, Twitter and Instagram and contacts on FB and LinkedIn

B) view their profiles and determine if you should keep them or not

C) red flags (when they ask you to connect with you through your private email, you say rebuff and they insist; when they don’t have a photo on their profile, when you look at their profile and it’s incomplete or is completely unrelated to your niche, when they insistently ask you personal questions)

9- It’s time to be selective

A) keep only those contacts, friends and followers that you know will find benefit to what you have to offer

B) do not discard those who haven’t communicated with you in a long time. They might be dead leads that may wake up, if you reconnect

1. C) if after reconnecting, there is no positive outcome, still keep them in a separate list (simple Excel doc. with different tags for General contacts, Friends and family, acquaintances, former co-workers, and names to reconnect in ~3 months). Maybe it’s not the right time for them to listen to your offer.

2. D) Try to reconnect again in 6 months (unless they plainly tell you not to bother them anymore)
 10- Invite the contacts that you keep to follow you in your new SM pages
 A) if you have excel, prepare a spread sheet with a list of your contacts (simple: name, last name, best email, best phone number and what they do)
 B) send your contacts an email with a small note inviting them to follow you on your new SM venture
 C) post on your old SM your new links
 11- Establish a chain with your SM by posting a link every time you blog or record something 
 A) you can choose to do it at the same time in the day or same day of the week on specific topics
 B) you can tweet the link to your blog in the morning, forward your blog from your Linked in to your FB in the afternoon and copy the story on medium from your Wordpress blog late afternoon 
 C) You can choose to post your production in different mediums on different days of the week
 12- Remember the reason why we do this is
 A) so if they don’t catch your post, blog or podcast in one outlet they’ll see it in the other
 B) their friends and contacts can see your post if they repost, retweet, forward

Credits: Painting by Colombian Electrical Engineer and artist, Gerardo Ramirez

Introduction with music by Kate Voegele — Hallelujah —

Catch next episode: Social Media Part 2 — My love connection with social media outlets: how I use them 
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