Thanks, Minecraft Guy.
Chris McInnis

Working in retail/sales/customer service is some heavy sh*t.

You are forced to confront all of your shortcomings, and the irritating quirks of other people head on in a confined space where you can’t just ignore each other – all while coping with a full bladder and an empty stomach.

This man has halitosis, and laughs too loud, and has already told you three times how much he hates black people – still gotta help him!

The store is packed and there is a line at the register but this deaf customer needs to have a handwritten conversation to find what they need – ok!

When someone walks in the store and for no good reason you just cant muster up any positive vibes and kinda resent them for being there – just because.

I feel this, Chris. It’s a weird world that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough. Lots of lessons to be learned. Great post.

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