Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Friday night: ordered takeout and studied as planned! ($22).

Saturday: woke up way too early and couldn’t fall asleep again so I did some yoga and chores until it was time to go to the testing center. On the way I bought a drink and snack from Starbucks and went $2 over the gift card I had. I took the exam and it's over, yay! Bought more photo paper for class ($35) and then husband and I went out for dinner to celebrate the exam being over and then to buy groceries (he paid).

Sunday I did not get my haircut because I got stuck in beach traffic, was 10 minutes late to my appointment and got turned away. So I’ll try again this week, I might try a fancy salon by my office for something fun. Sunday afternoon I went to the darkroom and made some really nice prints, so I’m happy about that! Also spent $1.25 on a drink from the vending machine. Then a lazy dinner at home, laundry, and reading. I can't decide which book to read first so I read the first chapter of each one.

I went way under my estimate at $60.25

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