Don’t hate me but I want to turn this into a halloween costume open thread.

Today I wore a witch hat I got from a costume shop for $2 last year with a black dress and black tights to work. I like going traditional for Halloween, because I love spooky stuff and I don’t like difficult to identify pop culture costumes.

Last year I wore the witch hat with this amazing long black skirt that I wore to the Sadie Hawkins dance in 10th grade and a ripped black shirt with a corset ($30 from Amazon) over it. The skirt hung low on my hips in 10th grade and is now very tight on the smallest part of my waist but I can still pull it off! Next year I’m going to buy a black blouse to wear with the skirt, add a brooch I got from my grandma, and go as a Victorian ghost. (Ugh, I just wrote about Victorian costumes on the internet, I’m so sorry).

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