Money and Time Are Both Stackable Units
Nicole Dieker

The biggest money thing I’m struggling with is whether to buy/lease a second car. My husband and I have had one car between the two of us ever since we moved to LA 8 years ago, and until this year, we’ve always been close enough to one person’s school/work that it has worked out. Uber has made it even easier.

Husband drives to work every day and I take the bus/train. It was a no-brainier because my company pays for my metro pass so my commute is free! But. It also takes an hour and 15 minutes to get to work, and in the evenings the bus schedule can be off and take even longer to get home. And I have increasingly frequent meetings on the other side of the city from home, a 2 hour bus ride one way.

I sometimes use uber if I’m working late, the bus is super late, or I want to meet a friend for dinner after work. As long as I spend less on uber than I would on car ownership, I figure I’m doing ok. But how much can I spend on uber to save time, and when should I just get a car so I can get around faster and do other stuff when I’d normally be sitting on a bus? That 2 hour bus ride to meetings would be 45 minutes in a car. But all that money I’m not spending on a car goes to savings and student loans.

My dad always says nobody ever looks back on their life and wishes they spent more time in the office. I bet nobody wishes they spent more time on the bus either.

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