Do 1 Boring Administrative Thing, & Then Reward Yourself With Ice Cream
Ester Bloom

Woohoo! I get to do 1 thing again! I’ve been neglecting it since I got in to serious study mode for the ARE exam I had on Monday, so I’ve got many things.

This week I’m going to find and take down my out-of-date web presences. I thought of this one because I was looking for a pod-related design project while commenting on one of Nicole’s pod posts and found a blog I made in grad school and forgot about.

I’m also considering taking down my website, and maybe need advice? I pay $10/month for hosting and I haven’t updated my portfolio in ages because the work I do now doesn’t make for pretty images. Only problem is that I get email through the site too, and I’m nervous about anything that might be linked to that email account. What to do? Keep paying to keep the email? Leave a super outdated portfolio on the web? Turn my site into something else? Also the constant hacking attempts are wearing me down and I want to be rid of them. Advice?

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