Blockchain Mentoring Lab

Mobile Congress 2019:

At the beginning of 2018, I was looking for a blockchain mastermind group but I didn’t find it. At that time I was mentoring a blockchain Consensys incubator and helping a startup business to scale. Soon after I decided to leverage my network and +15 years of Digital Transformation experience to launch my own Blockchain & Innovation Mentoring Lab.

My name is Laura and I’m the founder of

The Blockchain & Innovation Lab is born from the combination of +15 years of experience in Innovation and Digital Transformation at enterprise-grade, the passion for blockchain technology and the desire to enjoy meaningful conversations surrounded by a network of like-minded people.


We want to shortcut the distance between decision-makers and organizations that need to be guided through blockchain technology, with experienced developers and professionals, highly knowledgeable about blockchain, that wants to acquire experience hands-on concrete blockchain projects.


We are building a hub that connects enterprises, blockchain communities, startups, and universities with the aim of learning while doing, working on solutions that solve existing problems and a market fit.


We provide a mentoring program that will support mentors and mentees through several activities during a period of 4 months.


Use cases from organizations based worldwide: Digital Identity, Supply Chain, IoT.

The Blockchain and Innovation mentoring program will support the attendees into the development of skills and experience on blockchain and innovation matters. We partner with organizations offering:

  • Mentor/Mentee 1 to 1
  • Mastermind group
  • Workshops
  • Bootcamps
  • Hackathons

Mentor and mentee will be matched based on common interest expressed through this form during the pre-screening phase.

Mentee profile:

A Mentee is a person with blockchain knowledge that is looking to acquire experience hands-on a blockchain project. She can have a technical or business background with high knowledge of Blockchain technology and years of experiences in her specific field of competence. Will catch up with the mentor twice a month, remotely.

Mentor profile:

Typically a mentor is a person working within an organization that needs additional help on a specific project. She will meet with the mentee and optionally attend to the other activities in support of the mentee.

A mentor can be:

A) she has blockchain knowledge/experience looking for contributors that can help on a specific project.

B) she hasn’t blockchain knowledge looking for a mentee that can help understanding how to apply blockchain in her specific business.

The enrollment to the program is free of charge for a limited number of attendees.

Mentees application form: would you like to be selected to attend to the Blockchain and Innovation Mentoring Program?

Projects application form: Do you have a PoC that you want to be implemented by one of our mentees?

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