Facebook Questions Your Mental Health

Or maybe just my mental health. 
Logging into Facebook tonight, the top of my newsfeed informed me Facebook was selecting a few users to participate in a user data survey. I love data. I will take a survey to help your product (or Facebook’s) every day of the week- especially if you tell me I get to see the end results (Facebook didn’t… stingy).

The survey started out pretty normal, showing me a caption of a post I recently shared. (Disclaimer, my Facebook is for friends and some family- you’ll see a lot of memes, jokes, and humble brags about my kids… this was more of a joke, about vodka. Who doesn’t LOVE jokes about VODKA?)

First Question

In fairness, I only intended to screenshot that question- because I was going to make yet another joke about vodka… it’s really the gift that keeps giving here.

I answered the question, didn’t think much of the next questions which asked me things like “who did you intend to see this” and “did enough people see this” and some engagement questions. No big deal.

And then Facebook… well they went AWOL on the engagement angle and started asking about ME.

Really? My in real life social skills are now a part of data you need to make Facebook better? Odd… but ok I will play along.

Well that escalated quickly… what sort of questions are these?

Where have I seen this line of questioning before….

Oh. Dear. Gawd. Facebook just gave me a basic Mental Health Assessment.

Having worked along side social workers and mental health professionals for a number of years, and actually creating an app that gave almost the same quick assessment to determine if someone needed assistance, I have to wonder what exactly Facebook needs this information for. We know they have played around tweeking with users emotions, so I guess no surprise should be taken that they are now just randomly polling the mental health of their users.

But it makes me wonder exactly what they are up to now, and heads up- if I suddenly go from funny and overall delightful, to sad and socially inept — I want it on the record that I blame Facebook.

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