Are we okay with the new vocabulary our new President has put in place?

The English language has many words that have multiple meanings. I get that a language changes and evolves. But word choices have impacts into the perception of the meanings. So this new word that has been coined by the Trump administration for lying should make someone’s jaws drop.

Alternative facts

It basically is a lie. Instead of owning up to the truth. This is trying to save themselves by calling it an alternative fact. The word fact throws you. Fact is something that is researchable and able to be proven. In this case that isn’t the case. Alternative means other or different.

The problem is there was one Inauguration Day and it was videoed and people participated. Participation numbers are not going to vary a whole lot. As much as Trump would love to say he had the biggest attendance record in history it didn’t happen.

This word of alternative facts only encourages that it’s okay to lie. Are we okay with excusing every discrepancy with the words “alternative facts?” This is just participation numbers and not the more important pressing matters of our day. If he is willing to lie and so vehemently now, what will he do with the more important information?

Not to mention, what is he teaching our children? Can you imagine that at some point our children will be explaining a definition to the term “alternative facts” simply because that is the newest phrase made up by the Trump administration.

We need to stand up to the administration and teach our children that these “alternative facts” are not facts but lies. We need to let the Trump administration and Republicans know that this terminology isn’t going to be accepted.