Stuck between Marvel and
Benan Demir

It really depends on what kind of prototyping you are doing. Unfortunately the prototyping scene is extremely fragmented, and there is no ‘silver bullet’ prototyping tool that will do everything. My advice would be to get comfortable with 3 or 4 tools at a minimum that all focus on a different kind of prototyping.

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My process tends to include the following:

Axure — Functional UX (and conditional) prototyping. The ability to write if/else use cases makes Axure very powerful. Medium level of fidelity

Principle — UI Animation and refined transition prototyping

InVision — For really quick screen flows only

HTML/CSS — Sometimes there’s just no substitute for front end code — Nice combo between lightweight ux prototyping & high fidelity UI animation stuff too.

I’ve tried Framer, Pixate, Flinto, Justinmind, MarvelApp & UXPin as well … Everything has very distinct strengths and weaknesses so it’s really all about finding the tool set that will work for you :)

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