Why did I fall in love with Melbourne

As you might already know I was born and raised in Colombia, a tropical country in South America, I did study marketing there and after my graduation I decided to move to another country, just to learn a different language.

I don’t know exactly why and when I decided that Melbourne was the city i wanted to live in, but, suddenly the idea of moving abroad was exciting and weird at the same time, as it was my first time living far from my family and friends. Anyway, I moved here and I found in Melbourne a delightful city, despite having the strangest weather in the world this place has a really good taste.

Aussies are easy going, they have their own style, you will understand this if you ever meet an Australian, they just chill and make fun of their lives.

Southbank Melbourne

Melbourne is now a stunning multicultural place, you will find people from everywhere walking around the city streets, the good thing is that in here everyone seems to be equal, everyone respects who you are, nobody judges yourself just because “you are not like them”.

While living here I did fall in love with the chaos of the CBD, the many options for eating and drinking of chapel street, the amazing public transport that reaches all the city, the smell of all the cafes in the morning, the street art in Melbourne lanes that are just everywhere, the walks around Yarra River watching the sunset and the pubs turning up the volume and getting ready for the night that is about to start.

I actually learnt to drink wine here and is nice that the wineries are so close to the city, I fell in love with the weird soccer they play called “footy” that I can’t even understand, I also fell in love with the beach 10 minutes away from my house.

Yarra Valley Wineries

Anyway the most important thing is that I found here a place to call home, and in this place is where my travel desire started.

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