Linking News, Use the Best Press Release Distribution for Improvising Your Marketing Strategies

Laura Wang
Jan 23 · 3 min read

Press Releases are an organization’s voice. It is a medium through which an organization communicates with the outside world, whether it be to its stakeholders or the general public. News has been one of the most reliable channels for communicating with the general publiclately. Mainstream news can be the best platform for communicating your new product launches, your company’s future plans, and much more. Many multinational organizations rely on the press release distribution services offered by Linking News. Linking News brings you the prestigious Diamond Press Release Distribution Plan which helps in spreading its client’s news in the world’s top news media houses like — FOX, ABC, Reuters, CBS, NBC etc. With close associations with over 30,000 journalists, the company ensures that your press release will get the maximum media coverage it can receive.

Marketing is a very important part of any company. A company’s marketing capability affects its sales and profit earnings to a very large extent. Old ways of marketing like advertisements, promotional stunts etc. have all been seen to be less effective when compared toa strong press release. The best press releases determine a lot for a particular company’s market position. With Linking News, you can create the best press release and get the maximum benefit while boosting your marketing performance.

Press releases prepared here at the Linking News press release distribution service are enhanced with the best practice of writing press releases. Every best press release must ensure that it has keywords which get picked up by search engines easily. Linking news has the best network in the industry including 10,000 major news outlets and over 1,000 social media channels. Linking News knows where a particular press release has to be placed in order to get the largest coverage. If you are looking for a valuable marketing solution, then Linking News is a place you need to invest in.

One of the greatest features of the Linking News press release distribution service is its“White Label Press Release Distribution service” or “Unbranded Press Release Service” or “Private Label Press Release Service”. This service has the following advantages

· No brand mentioning — As the press release is prepared, Linking News ensures that there is no branding of Linking News anywhere while distributing to various organizations. It will not even be published on the official website of Linking News.

· Self-branding — It helps you to have your own branding as you desire. There are many press release distribution service providers in the market, but only Linking News provides this feature.

· Privacy and security — Linking News offers the most privacy standards for its clients. All the press releases are handed over to all the distribution channels with the utmost care,mitigating the risk of any leaks.

Because of its strong presence in the industry over a long period of time, it has remained the most credible and undisputed press release distribution service provider in the whole world today. Even big brand names rely on Linking News’s Press Release Distribution for their marketing solutions.

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