Considering Hiring a Coach in the New Year? Read this.

Welcome to January: fresh off of the holiday season and ripe with expectation.

December can be a time full of anticipation, and when January arrives, in the absence of holiday magic, energy, and changes to come, we are suddenly faced with the stark reality that we are, in fact, quite the same. Our circumstances are the same. And once the energy of “New Year, New You” wears off, we are back into our own habits. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but things tend to stay the same.

This is a time of year during which we want to make big decisions. What we don’t normally acknowledge is that our ideas about sweeping changes, about getting healthier, about changing jobs, about stepping into our greatness this year, are all great ideas.

But they are also ideas that are coming from our feelings.

When our feelings change, so will our goals.

Some of you may be protesting this in your brains. “But Laura,” you are thinking, “I accomplish my goals and I kick butt doing it.” I’m not here to knock your goal-achieving techniques or what normally works for you.

I’m asking you to take a look and go further.

What would you accomplish this year if your performance weren’t just up to you?

I ask because this very human experience is not the end of the story.

It actually gets worse for us than that.

We also start having objections to the stuff we said we wanted. We sabotage ourselves and create “internal crazy.”

We want a salary increase. But we sabotage it by believing this puts us against others in our company, or our field.

We promise we will start our book! But we save it for later because we just aren’t in the right mood.

We are ready to open our hearts and fall in love. But we are annoyed by online dating, or we make ourselves available to people who are not ready to share that kind of future with us.

We are ruthlessly two-faced when it comes to achieving our goals and dreams. How crazy is that?!

We become so used to our “internal crazy” that we can no longer discern how crazy we are. Most of us actually need someone in it with us. Someone to call out the sabotaging parts of the crazy, and call forth the powerful and useful parts. Someone whose job it is to set yourself up to win — and call out when you are setting yourself up to fail.

What would you accomplish this year with someone whose job it was to push you to succeed?

Would you write your book? Get promoted? Start your own business?

My clients are self-professed creative weirdos who have spent their careers donning corporate clothing and doing quite well wherever they are. To an outsider, their lives look pretty great.

But on the inside, they know there’s more they could be creating. They have an artist, a theater geek within; an English major who once believed she would pen the next Great American Novel. They are tired of letting their genius sleep. But that genius is really, really used to sleeping.

Getting back to their creative roots and actually creating something requires courage, confronting the part of you that gave it up, and a ton — read: A TON — of practice.

A powerful, trained, devoted coach will listen to all of the feelings and help you figure out which of them you want to hold onto. Which goals you will dedicate yourself to achieving this year. We connect you, over and over, to the tender and wonderful possibility of it all coming true.

This is important: on our own, we forget why we started. In truth, it is more comfortable staying put.

Working with a coach is an investment, one that you will thank yourself for forever. It will not be comfortable, but it will permanently change how you think about yourself in the world. You will stop limiting yourself, and instead, get used to embracing your own brilliance and your ability to get more of what you want out of life. All the time.

That is a skill you will take right to the bank.

And of course, if you were going to do it alone . . . you probably would have.