What I Have Learned From Photographing 400 Towns in Iowa
Cody Weber

Cody, What an important article you have here!! It’s absolutely imperative that people try out the perspectives of others if we want to have a more compassionate and satisfying life together as a society. I shared your article on this Medium article because your personal account will offer its commenters more insight: https://medium.com/@emmalindsay/trump-supporters-aren-t-stupid-3d38f70f2a2f#.f060r8gvt

Also, my dad’s family is from Wetumka, Oklahoma, which used to be an oil town until the pumps were closed (not sure why). Hard to believe that it used to be a very hip and progressive town, especially by the way it looks today. Interestingly, there’s no one left but elderly folks and Native Americans with no future to look forward to. Its absolutely heart rending.

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