I Took Control of my Biological Clock at Age 30
Aidan Madigan-Curtis

This is one of those articles that typically provoke a personal response as well as an objective discussion without the lense of personal preference and clear of emotion. Could be that the Medium format allows for all sorts of writing and these days it’s hard to know which category the blog falls into- expository, creative, opinion. I noticed in these responses a lot of “You Tube responses,” — the response that only agrees or disagrees. In Aiden’s writing, we see an opportunity to roll the topic around as one would untangle a large knot.

When it comes to what a person does to their bodies it’s no one elses’ business. While reading Aiden’s article my thoughts went from personal desires to rationale — -(I too feel pressure to “get my life together quick so I can have children,” and “fear that I’ll be too old before I’m ready.” ) — -(I too think about exhausting the Earth’s resources and how the world is f’d up) and (child birth was never meant to be this complicated.) These reactions never stop!

When I lay my personal reactions aside other interesting ideas arise. Appreciate that we have no idea what our future as humans or our planet’s future holds, and never did. Critical thinking is not the same as criticising.