Ludo, Clément et Sébastien ont créé l’association française Woke il y a quelques années pour aider les populations démunies dans les pays défavorisés. Leurs actions s’orientent autour de constructions d’écoles, de maisons de retraite et bien plus encore… . Afin de moderniser l’image de l’association, je suis en charge de redesigner leur site internet.


Woke est une association à but non lucratif et n’a donc pas pour objectif de faire du profit. Elle souhaite séduire de nouveaux mécènes pour pouvoir intervenir sur de plus gros projets à l’étanger.

Page d’accueil du site actuel

Audit de l’existant

Les points forts :

  • Une identité visuelle cohérente et plutôt moderne
  • Des couleurs rappelant la couleur…

I recently completed a training in User Interface/User Experience design with Ironhack Paris. For my final project, I worked on the UI/UX of a personal project that I wanted to develop until one year. Thanks to this project, I win the one minute pitch Ironhack Hackshow of which the goal is to present our final project. The public had to vote for their favorite one.


“Your are not your user” but some personal experience can gather a community of concerned people. We were in the middle of the afternoon, there are a lot of people in the main street of…

Brief: The Wellness Institute wants designers to reimagine how people can adopt and maintain a routine that enhances their wellbeing. It wants to create a new innovative and refresh system.

Sport is one of activities which participates in the maintenance of wellbeing. After some research, I have noticed that most of women give up sport when they become adult, whereas men keep doing sport with the same frequency all long their life.

There are a lot of products that allow you to challenge you in different athletic activities. …

Brief: The parisian grocery “Au Bout Champ” wants to give more information to sell more fruits and vegetables.

Team: For UX research part, it has been realized with the collaboration of Elina Lapierre, Amandine Laville and Ironhack teachers (Louis Massuel, My-Lan, Pamela & Romana).

Inside “Au bout du Champ”

Au Bout du Champ is a grocery composed in 7 stores in Paris which works with local fruits and vegetables farmers. This grocery has only a showcase website, that’s why Parisian can only buy in stores. After an interview with Julien, the stakeholder, we had a first preview of the unhappy experience of customers in store.

Research questions asked to user

Brief : Whole Bank wants to give a different way to save and manage money by giving innovate options for traveling customers. The bank would like customers can pay without their physical card. Traveling has become a part of everyday life and it is more comfortable when you can buy easily all things you want.

Photo by Steve Buissinne
  • Travelers depend on their card to pay or ATM machines.
  • Some shops don’t authorize to pay with card.
  • Individual or a group of person who can damage, loose their card.

Questions asked to users

  1. Why do you travel (Business, hollidays, family … )?
  2. What payment methods do you use…

Founded in 1794, The university of Tennessee at Knoxville serve the state by educating its citizens, enhancing its culture, and making a difference in people’s lives through research and service. Unlike others shools, this university defines itself with its volunteer spirit.

In this case study, I need to interview one user and raise his opinion about the website of the university. After that, I will create a paper prototype which will improve the website thanks to the user’s impression about the website and problems that he puts forward.

Problems found after interviewing one user

  1. The interviewed person didn’t find the main navigation, he didn’t scroll down…

Today, my job was to say “Good Bye” to UI for a moment. Emov is an app to rent an electric car for short periods of time with 500 electric Citroens in the fleet. As all passionated UI Designer, when i create a wireframe, it’s an obsession if it’s not visually perfect ! In this exercise, i tried to stay objective and to be concentrated only on the important information.

I love to create an mobile app. Even if I know UI Design, I learn everyday and I try to improve myself or to challenge me ! These screens inspired me on the display of information for a calendar and on the good choice of color gradient for example. Thank you Ironhack for showing me a new work process !

How was your first time facing your tool ?

Welcome back Sketch. As a UI Designer, I know this tool. My first experience with Sketch was on a collaborative project with Florent, a mobile app webdeveloper. It was our first project together and we need to discover this tool for building the future application of Safran Aircelle. Florent knew the basics of Sketch : create an artboard and how to use symbols. We begin to create wireframes. Who saw that developpers were not creative people ? 😀 During this work, I learned as a self-taught. …

How did it feel ?

It was my first experience with User Experience Design. As a graphic designer, i was happy to take my pen and my paper to draw my thoughts. When I launched the video, I understood that talked about designers and principles qualites : audacity and humility and much more than ... It was too fast to listen and draw at the same time. I have decided to listen one time before sketching.

After watching the video, I have taken my first visual note and I decided to stop several times the video to describe all my thoughts : words and illustrations.

Laure Artiaque (Alor)

Think future with usability and creativity — UX / UI Designer — https://alor.design

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