UX / UI Case study for Au Bout du Champ app

Laure Artiaque
Dec 16, 2018 · 8 min read
Inside “Au bout du Champ”

Research questions asked to user

Noted experience

UX Goals

Competitive analysis

User Persona Snapshot

Lola, busy bobo superwoman

User Persona journey

Lola and her daily ritual

Affinity diagram

Define the problem

MVP Feature listing

Card Sorting — Before / After

User flow

Solution wireframes

User Tested Design

Paper testing

Concept Critic:

Digital design

Moodboard :

Style tile :


Onboarding | List of 3 daily recipes | Details view of a recipe | Basket | Confirmation


Desirability Testing


Next steps

Before you go

Laure Artiaque

Written by

Think future with usability and creativity — UX / UI Designer — https://alor.design — https://dribbble.com/alor_design

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