Art Fair Philippines 2017

  1. Art Gallery: Canvas

A.) The overall theme of this gallery is the metropolis or metro manila itself, the different artworks or paintings show the different sides of metro manila. Being a filipino whether from the province or born and raised in the metropolis we cannot deny that metro manila is a big part of who we are and more importantly a big part of our country. Metro Manila is the center of culture, business, music, lifestyle, fashion, and history of our country, it somehow represents a “part” of the whole Filipino identity.

To me the the vibe of this gallery was that it brought a feeling of reality towards me, seeing the various artworks and seeing the different sides and faces of the metro it also lets you see the beautiful and ugly sides of the metropolis just like how reality is.

Compared to other galleries, this caught my attention because it depicts the modern day Filipino society and shows the different faces of metro manila which to me is very fascinating.


Humani Machina by Daniel Dela Cruz

This work of art that is made up of mixed metals that depicts a human being showing his insides that has somewhat a machine. It shows how the human being has no heart inside of it. Just like a robot that does not think for its own and does not have feelings, people nowadays in terms of what is happening in our world and society or regarding social issues, people tend to be apathetic and don’t give a damn.

Time Traveler by Dante Lerma

Time traveler is a painting that depicts Manila city as a cultural heritage of our country. The title itself “time traveler” shows how in our modern times, manila seems to be a city that has still preserved the way how manila and the country was back in the days especially during the Spanish era.

Urban Apocalypse by Marcel Antonio

This painting shows the modern day Filipino society. How it has evolved throughout the years. Somehow the modern day Filipino society has breakaway from the traditional and conservative Filipino society that it was. Metro manila serves as the center of opportunities for Filipinos nationwide, now it is diversified and changing.


Jose Tence Ruiz

The artworks done by Jose Tence Ruiz to me is very unique at first it is hard to understand but looking at the bigger picture, for me what it is trying to say is that the “magnum like ice cream” in the middle seems to be the temptation while the chairs with locks on both hands and feet are filled with people trying to resist the temptation or give in to it. In our world today that is full of greed, power, fame, and pleasure temptation can be found in many forms, it depicts on how us as humans respond to these temptations either we resist them or we dwell on them.

Maria Jeona Zoleta

Maria Jeona Zoleta’s artworks were my favorite as she was able to combine two different things in a single artwork . Her creations are all contrast to each other an example would be sex and innocence. Having two very opposite things and find beauty and similarity in it was just amazing. Society today has so much distinction with each other whether it is religion, nations, society, culture etc. but no matter how different we are from each other, we are always one in fighting for our social and civil rights,helping other people in their current situations and addressing social, political, economic, and environmental issues that we are facing.


The people who attended the art fair as I have observed were really there to get to know the artworks more while some were just there to only take pictures and have selfies not knowing what these artworks really mean. I have to admit that I was a bit stressed with the large amount of people that came, comparing it to the National Museum that had little amount of people and was more peaceful. During my visit in the National Museum people were more quiet and the aura was more tranquil. Most of the people that visited the National Museum were foreigners or people having their tours or field trips. The local contemporary Philippine art scene to me was beautiful and was something to be proud of, as I have seen from the local artists with their art works in the fair their works were really appreciable. Their works really had deep meanings and are trying to convey or address social issues from the past or present.

My over all Art Fair PH experience was fun and exciting although I enjoyed going to the National Museum more since it is more peaceful but in the art fair I got to see not just local art but also art from other countries/nationalities and got to appreciate modern art more and give importance to them. I realized how art can be so powerful towards society and how much it can influence us and how we can relate to it on a personal level.