Lauren Modery

I appreciated your article and sarcastic humor. I think it comes off better than if you were just being judgmental. I wonder these things too. I live in an Urban Intentional community. It’s a 7 bedroom house and always full. It’s hard to see faces every day and then there’s events and gatherings where we invite the surrounding community into our home. It can get rather cramped. Is it worth it, learning to live with people who aren’t your blood relations? I mean, because you HAVE to love your family but you can choose whether or not you want to deal with the others. It’s hard stuff learning to be around people and communicate and work together. I imagine that it would be rather difficult to live in a tiny home with other people even if it’s the tiny people you love. And we live way beyond what the earth can sustain, we are wasteful and shitty to earth and most of us are without care. But hey, if we don’t question these things, or laugh about it, what is the point of living?

At the end of the day, I have chosen to live in a rural community surrounded by nature and spend my nights sleeping in as tiny a home as me and the kids can stand. I do care about community and learning how to get over myself in the spirit of cooperation and I love this beautiful planet and want to do my part. And, I’ll be asking myself all these same crazy questions and wondering what the hell I was thinking and learning to laugh about it.

Keep questioning. Keep your sense of humor. It’s an asset!

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