Life update for October or Futsol, Dancing, and Fireworks oh my!

So it’s been awhile. Honestly life just got really really busy and I didn’t have time to write. So! Here is an update about what I have been doing for the past month :)

October started with the Navy ball! Which I have already made a post about so we will move on. :)

That next week was crazy busy for me. Our quarter ended on October 14th. But October 14th was also Founder’s Day where we celebrate the founding of the school and it was a day of shortened classes. Also on October 13th I was not in school because I was coaching futsol. Which basically means it was an abnormal week for the ending of the quarter which required lots of focus and replanning.

So! Let’s start with the futsol tournament. As I have previously mentioned I was one of the elementary futsol coaches. I was in charge of the girls team while my coworker Blake was in charge of the boys team. For practice they just played all together. We don’t have try-outs for elementary school and we basically let them play whatever position they wanna play so there’s no real formal way to figuring anything out. The kids just play cause they like to. The tournament was about an hour and a half away so we met early-ish on Thursday morning to get to the tournament on time. The kids all rode in the back of the super nice coach bus we had and I sat by the driver. I may have napped… Upon arriving at the fields all of the kids plus Blake and I trooped off the bus carrying our many things to the Ulsan Spanish Fields. Apparently the Spanish World Cup Soccer team practiced on the fields a few years ago? Anyway it was a large soccer pitch with four different pitches (fields) set up. The organizer of the tournament was English. And he was tiny and wiry and it made my whole day. The accent was off the charts. Our kids kinda just ran around and messed with the ball for the first bit. We had a coaches meeting around 9:30 to go over the rules. Ya’ll… one of the coaches was fiiiiiiiiiine. Like dang. Also he lives here in Busan and coaches for the other international school here. He works for a professional soccer coaching school thing. Anyways… I digress…

There were less girls teams then boys so we had a few less games to play. We also played all our games on the same pitch. The first game was against a group of girls who were about twice as tall as my girls. And my girls got scared. So they lost terribly. We had about 1/2 an hour before the next game and they went to regroup. The second team we should have won against. But my girls were still rattled and were making sloppy mistakes. We lost. Then there was crying. Ya’ll… I do not know how to comfort 4th grade girls who are crying because they lost a soccer game. We walked back over to watch the boys play their game and I sorta just let the other parents/children take care of it. I did what I could but they were not about that life. So we ate some lunch. We had a long time before our next game so the girls wandered off to play and just sorta hang out. Our boys also lost their game and so they were going to be playing the consolation game at the same time we were. That game we easily won. My girls scored 2 goals like immediately and then kept scoring. When they had scored 4 and the other team none I benched my two best players. They whined. They were like “Miss put us back in the game! Miss let us play!” and I was like “No! We do not need to murder them. We are already winning. Show mercy and good sportsmanship.” I shared that with my parents and my dad starting crying he was laughing so hard cause he was like “This is the one moment where you are your mothers daughter…I woulda killed them!” Basically we won and the girls were super happy and it was a good ending to the day.

I got back to school and was giddy and feeling a bit like I was flying apart at the seams because futsol and also just being gone from my students. All of my kids were amazing and every single one of my classes did what they were supposed to! Which was new for me. Last year it was a mess whenever I had to be gone. I basically ran around to talk to my coworkers who subbed for me before attempting to get ready for the next day.

Friday was Founder’s Day! We had about 30 minute classes in the morning so we saw all classes but for a very short time period. It felt like a whirl-wind! Then it was lunch time. After lunch the whole school k5–12 met in the gym for instructions on what to do next. HS and MS Stu-co (student council) had split the school into different teams. So HS had 2 teams, MS had 2 teams etc. The Megans (they both teach HS English and their names are Megan…) and I were “in charge” of one team but really we were just there as chaperones. The stu-co kids were in charge. So basically we squaded up as these two are my two best friends here. Our first station was outside! The day was perfect and beautiful. We started at the “dog with a bone” station. The kids had to line up across from each other and then the organizer would call a number. The kids on each side with that number would run towards the middle where there was a ball. The goal was to get to the ball first and then hit the other person with the ball. Honestly some of the kids were being lame. So in my attempt to get them to participate I shamed them by yelling “LAME! YOU’RE LAME!” complete with L shaped fingers. My friends just about fell over they were laughing so hard. So then we teachers decided we should show them how it’s done…. yeah… that did not go well.

Megs and I lined up across from each other. We ran at FULL SPEED towards one another to show these children how it’s done! We ran INTO each other! Megs realized at the last second that we would hit and so she slid towards me butt first instead of head first. My jaw collided with her hip and went all the way to the right. Her knee got skinned. We kept going anyways because #yolo. We then didn’t participate in any of the other games outside because there are reasons adults don’t do things like this… The next station was running charades which was quite funny. And we ended with dodgeball in the gym which I did NOT play. I hate dodgeball so much.

Left- Founders day before I injured my jaw Middle- Stu-co kids leading dog with a bone Right-Kids lined up ready to run!

Then it was time for the closing ceremonies. Surprise #1 was Megs, Megan, and I in a lip sync battle against my fellow soccer coach Blake! Ya’ll…we killed it. We choreographed two songs: Uptown Funk and Can’t Stop The Feeling! It was so fun!!! The students of HS Stu-co had also choreographed two songs and they performed them before it was time to head home. All in all it was a super fun day :)

Saturday was the celebration for 20 years of BFS for the teachers and adult community! We had a celebration at the school with a catered meal and an ice sculpture and a brass quintet. It was fancy. I got a BFS baseball hat! It was also slightly inconvenient because grades were due Monday and most of us needed to grade… But it was still lovely! That afternoon I went to a coffeeshop with my friend Megs to do work. We worked from like 3–6:45. That night I went for dinner with Megs, Megan, and my friend Donique and her husband Rabb to Namaste (an Indian restaurant). We met for dinner at 7. We left dinner at 10… We had such wonderful conversations and just such wonderful company. It was a really fun night.

Sunday was the traditional do nothing in the morning and then meet up with the Megans to go to a coffeeshop to work. We worked most of the afternoon and didn’t even get distracted. We also weren’t anywhere near done with what we needed to be done with. But such is the teaching life.

The next big thing to happen was the Busan fireworks festival! Busan has a fireworks festival for literally no reason every year in October. It’s on Gwangali beach and is BEAUTIFUL! You have to go down at like 1pm in order to get a spot on the beach. That morning we hosted a baby shower for Donique and Rabb at school which was fun and beautiful. We played 1 game and had food and opened presents. Then Ann, Mo, and Ann’s dad who’s here for the month headed down to save our spot. I followed later with Megan and her bf Zach. We literally just hung out on the beach for like 5 hours waiting for the fireworks. We were also saving spots for some of our other friends who were going to come later. Every inch of the beach and streets behind were FILLED with people. It was amazing! The fireworks were beautiful and went with music on the beach. It was such a fun display and such a fun time with friends! I was so happy that I chose to go.

Left-Fireworks over the bridge Middle-Fireworks in many colors Right-The chandelier fireworks that are my fav
The finale!
The light just hung in the sky at the end of the fireworks!

Sunday that week was more work time at the coffeeshop. Teaching life never ends. But then it was time for HALLOWEEN! Ya’ll….I love Halloween. Not the scary movie/creepy stuff part. The dressing up part. Saturday night Megan hosted a Halloween party where costumes were optional. I dressed up as Rosie the Riveter because really what is Halloween if I’m not Rosie? My friends Grant, Amanda, Alam, Alisa, George, Gates, and Mina all came along with Megan and Zach who were hosting. Grant was dressed as a chef and Amanda and Alam were in scrubs. We played rounds and rounds of Heads Up! the phone game from Ellen Degeneres. It was so funny. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Then we just hung out talking and chilling. It was such a good night.

Monday was Halloween! We dressed up at school. I was female Han Solo :) The Stu-co kids do a halloween festival for the elementary kids and a haunted house for the MS/HS. I went to the haunted house… no thank you ever again. The day was fun but also was mostly a normal school day minus a few of my kids who are in Stu-Co.

Left- Me as Rosie the Riveter Right-Me as female Han Solo

So there you have it. That’s everything I’ve been doing for the last month. To quick recap: I coached futsol, nearly broke my jaw being an idiot, participated in a lip sync battle, went to see amazing fireworks, and dressed up for Halloween!

Hope all is well with everyone back home! Only a month 1/2 until I’m home!!!! :)