I’m sick.

Probably with just a cold cause it’s the beginning of the school year and most teachers get sick with a cold during the beginning of the school year. Our bodies are readjusting to working hours while also coping with the germs children inevitably bring into our classrooms. I woke up two nights ago with a stabbing pain in my throat as I tried to swallow. I made it through yesterday on orange juice, chamomile tea with honey, and limiting my talking (which is a severe struggle for me ya’ll). I coached soccer after school (which I’m still laughing about btw) and then headed to attempt to buy some soup. Accidentally just bought the beef dumplings instead. Language is hard. Then headed home to eat and pass out.

I literally slept from 6–7:30 on my couch, then headed to my bed from 8–6am. When I woke up I wasn’t feeling any better. I made it through today on day-quil and webquests for my kids. Thankfully it’s Friday so I could head home right away and just rest. I really don’t think it needs anything other than lots of fluid and sleep. At the same time it seriously sucks. Being sick as an adult is the worst. There’s no mom or dad to bring you things. Instead your friends are awesome and will provide you with medicine but then you are left in your own apartment. Which I normally don’t hate but am finding not stellar tonight.

On top of being sick it is the start of the MN State Fair this week. And god do I miss the fair. It’s a visceral longing in my very bones to be at the fair. To eat the deep fried anything on a stick, to watch the 4-H shows, and to just take in the wonder that is the fair. I know I’m in Korea. I know I’m having an amazing adventure. I know this is a wonderful opportunity. And I believe all of those things as well. But right now with my head stuffy, my throat hurting, and my heart wanting to be wrapped in my BFFs arms while we walk the fairgrounds, I’m feeling deeply homesick. I’ll get over it. I love travel and new people. I love my current school and my students. I’m growing to like them more and more. But I’m having a moment today. And this is how I’m going to process it.

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