Blaming Hillary
Michael Arnovitz

Hillary Clinton is getting a lot of crap because she is a criminal and an election thief who stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders with massive election rigging in state after state after state. Many of us had no intention of ever voting for her long before Bernie or Trump ever entered the race. The problem is not that the Clintons have turned the Republican Party into what it is today — they didn’t. The problem is that they have turned the Democratic Party into the shell of its former self with 20+ years of “triangulation,” the DLC, and doing everything possible to move the party to the right, abandoning the New Deal principles that made the party the champion of the people. Horrible legislation such as “welfare reform” (which led me to vote for Nader in 1996), the “crime bill,” and NAFTA and GATT are the legacy many progressives abhor, which is why many of us are voting for Jill Stein. In other words, it is about the issues, not the individual people. However, Hillary’s comment about her family’s “fortunes” putting her out of touch with the American people is for many a “death blow” to her candidacy. The fact that she and her husband obtained fortunes by leveraging public service careers with corporations represents everything that is wrong with our electoral system, the Democratic Party, and the country. As the old saying goes, “you’re either part of the solution, or part of the problem.” Unfortunately, Hillary chose Wall Street and the fortune, which makes her part of the problem.