I’ll always Feel the Bern, but now I’m With Her
Wil Wheaton

#I’mNotWithHer and never will be. I’m also 51 and well remember what happened in 2000, when I actually did vote for Gore. Nader is not responsible for Gore not winning. If Gore had won his home state, Florida would not have mattered. Furthermore, Florida’s recount was abruptly stopped when it was incomplete, and this was after the state used an archaic ballot that confused many voters into making errors on their ballots.

Bernie didn’t “not get the nomination.” It was STOLEN from him by Clinton and the DNC. If you want to vote for an election thief who has sabotaged our democracy, go ahead, but don’t you dare tell anyone else they have to do the same.

Hillary will never be my choice, not even my 7.4 billionth choice. Some of us are far more concerned about protecting the country from her. You have some nerve calling our voting our consciences “pouting.” You are also buying into media nonsense that it’s only millennials who supported Sanders and reject Clinton when this is far from the case.

I am voting for the candidate who best represents my beliefs, and that is the only progressive left in this race, Jill Stein. If enough people vote for her and reject the false dichotomy, she can win. The fact that people like you have to resort to guilt and fear mongering only reinforces how unacceptable and repugnant your candidate is.

Then, again, Will, you have your millions, so what does it matter to you? A president who will continue to represent only the one percent will no doubt benefit you a great deal.

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