There’s no proof the election was stolen, so everything else you just said is lost in a flood of…
Vivi McBride

There is plenty of proof the election was stolen, including lawsuits filed in multiple states. Just because the biased mainstream media refuse to cover something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The media has long ago given up all semblance of objectivity in favor of going all out for Clinton. This is NOT their role, and it is an insult to journalism.

Clinton and her supporters act like they have a monopoly on “reality” with the way they constantly throw around that term. News flash: they have no such thing. Clinton does not get to dictate what reality is just because she has an ill-gotten fortune from Wall Street.

If you believe the nonsense accusing Jill Stein of being anti-science, you have been listening to too much Clinton propaganda. The Clinton campaign has deliberately promoted this lie because they fear Jill will somehow take votes from Hillary. If Clinton were a stronger candidate, she would not have to attack anyone and everyone she views as a threat. Jill Stein is a medical doctor and the ONLY candidate who truly understand the immediate threat of catastrophic climate change. Clinton pretends to care about this issue while continuing to accept millions from the fossil fuel and fracking industries.

Voting for Jill Stein is voting for Jill Stein, period. I can’t help what is in your head. I can say with conviction that Jill is not taking votes from Clinton because most of us voting for her were never planning on voting for Clinton no matter what. Clinton cannot lose what she never had. Votes have to be earned; they are not owed to a candidate by default.

My opposition to Clinton has nothing to do with sexism, internalized or otherwise. You do realize I am supporting another female candidate? Clinton uses every chance she can get to hide behind the sexism excuse to conceal the fact that people’s real problems with her are not who she is but what she has done and what she represents.

If you’re expecting me to be “butthurt,” you will be seriously disappointed. I don’t do that crap. I know this is a long game to restore a progressive agenda to this country. The only thing I plan to visit after this election are my plans to primary Hillary myself in 2020.

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