Bernie Sanders Is The Biggest Loser
Oliver Chinyere

What a load of crap! Are you trying to re-elect Donald Trump in 2020? Have you learned nothing from 2016? The problem is that Hillary IS a corrupt Wall Street whore. All you’re doing is shooting the messenger. The Clintons are the ones who destroyed the Democratic Party with their “Third Way,” DLC, “New Democrats” Republican lite corporate agenda. Bernie is a New Deal Democrat who represents everything that made the party great — support for a strong social safety net, policies that build up the middle class, single payer health care, which IS doable with political will, repairing our infrastructure, reinstating Glass Steagall, and genuinely reforming our campaign finance system. Even now, he is fighting to preserve — and expand — Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. What is Hillary doing — writing another million dollar self-centered memoir??? Let’s not ignore that there are several issues where Hillary is actually to the right of Trump. She supported the TPP and is a known warmonger.

I knew I would never vote for Hillary long before Bernie or Trump entered the race. And I am not a millennial. People of all ages and races said a loud NO to the status quo, and that is what Hillary represented. I voted for Jill Stein in the general election after protesting at the DNC convention in 100-degree weather and would do it again. Hillary’s paid Correct the Record people did everything they could to bully Bernie supporters for months, thinking they would win our votes by threats and insults. Hillary is the biggest loser of 2016, and if the Democratic Party sticks with her and her way instead of changing course, they are in for another big loss in 2020.

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