A Visitor’s Day in Old Town, Fort Collins

Every Fort Collins citizen has their favorite hot spots (and cheap spots) in Old Town. Whether it be shopping at Cira or pigging out at Silver Grill Cafe, we all have our “go-to’s.” Because of our unwavering loyalty to these establishments, and their reasonable prices, we sometimes fail to stray from our comfortability and never try different shops and restaurants in Old Town.

For this very reason, I decided to follow around my visiting friend as she tried out a wide range of establishments in Old Town. She offered interesting insight as she enjoyed the charms of Old Town and searched for good deals.

We started out the day with our favorite activity: shopping. Visiting boutiques like Blue Harvest, Cira and Magnolia Moon, Morgan found that while all had a fine selection of merchandise, Cira proved to be most cost-effective.

After exploring boutiques galore, we had a hankering for something to drink. We stumbled upon Ku Cha House of Tea, a shop that serves traditional Chinese tea. The prices for both tea leaves and made-to-order tea were reasonable, however, we were fully satisfied enjoying the aromas within the shop (for free). Ku Cha also offers a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

To close out the day, local drink deals at Whisk(E)y were tempting, but we opted to buy tickets to the Sammy Adams concert at The Aggie Theater — an idea suggested by my friend (our tickets were little more than $20).

After over two years of living in Fort Collins, I had never been to at least half of the boutiques in Old Town, I had no idea the Ku Cha House of Tea existed and I had never seen a show at the Aggie. That being said, had I never enlisted the help of an outsider, I would have never known of all of the fruits Old Town has to offer, and I would not know what places to go to pinch a penny.

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