Video on Performance Management (Human Resource Management)

Few of my friends were doing a project as a part of their HRM Performance Management class.

The topic was Giving and Receiving Feedback.

The intention was to be creative and make a professional video to showcase what to do and what not to for a HR manager. This video editing and shooting was done by me as i wanted to help them in their project.

The script was written by the super talented Niviya Vas.

Cast: Sandhya, Tom, Niviya, Jassiel, Nikita.

Camera: Sudeep, Tom, Jassiel

Camera Used: Nikon D3100, iPhone 5, Xiaomi Redmi Note

Editing: Cyberlink PowerDirector

The project was highly appreciated by the class for presenting it in a creative and professional way.

I personally had a great time in creating this video and working with these guys who have equally contributed in their own ways to make this project.

The link to the video can be found on the link below:

Originally published at on January 12, 2015.