You’re a Broadcaster

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I’ve always wanted to be on television.

Not like an actress — oh heavens no! I know that I’m not going to stand up well next to the beautiful people on the small screen. I admired the news reporters though and for a second in college I thought I should go into sports broadcasting. For the good of all, I’m glad I chose a different path.

A couple of years ago, I attended a digital marketing conference. It was small, but there were plenty of knowledgeable people. I was just starting to get my feet wet when it came to this new thing — social media. A rather wise person taught a session and shared this:

With the launch and success of Meerkat, this statement is now more true than ever. Broadcasters now have competition from any person on any social media app or platform. To stay atop the game, you have to offer something that your audience can’t get anywhere else.

I’ve been thinking about my own “broadcasting” channels. What are the things that I say? Is the content unique? Is it interesting? Or am I broadcasting to the void?

Social media provides those analytics to tell me that despite my ever increasing number of followers on Twitter, I may not be getting much engagement. My instagram pictures get likes when I use hashtags, but I haven’t seen an increase in followers. My Facebook profile — well, I don’t do much with that except a post every now and again and then it resurrects when my birthday comes around.

I’m unique on each channel, sharing a different part of me. Instead of one channel, I’ve now becoming a broadcasting company. I need to start thinking like a broadcasting company. Be more strategic while being authentic and sharing my true self.

I will post about Doctor Who or Cinderella (2015) because I love those shows. I’ll take pictures of the 50 books I’m trying to read during this year to document my life. In between all that, I will share my blog posts from my blog where I write and share interesting articles about social media marketing. Oh yeah, and you’ll regular see me pin recipes to my Pinterest board in the hopes that when I find some time I will start cooking again.

Maybe I should care more about what people think. Then again, does it really matter as long as my voice gets to be heard somewhere?