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This piece is part of How Google Drive Can Make Every Corner of Your Life Easier

First I organized my spices. Then I organized my friends.

In the early days of the pandemic, facing a glut of alone time and not yet numbed to the chaos, I resolved to get…

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Is there any sound more anxiety-inducing than the ding of the seatbelt sign on a plane? The brief click that happens before your alarm clock’s soothing piano starts to play? The sound of the person behind you in a movie theater wetly chewing a banana?

None of those sounds compare…

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InIn most of the published literature about snacking — from Seventeen to consumer studies — we don’t just “eat” snacks, we “reach for” snacks. “To fight effects of sleep deprivation, reach for healthy snacks.” “Before you reach for an evening snack, consider whether or not you’re really hungry.” “Hardly ever…

A woman smirks as she holds a coffee mug up to her face in front of 2 coworkers.
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IfIf there’s one thing we can learn from HBO’s Succession, it’s that sometimes we must break bread with our enemies. We must sit in meetings with people who have been promoted over us. We must make billion-dollar deals with people who want to destroy us. We must foot the bill…

A woman is standing at a party and smiles while struggling and everybody else claps for her.
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IfIf you work hard and you’re lucky, there will come a day in your career when blessings are heaped upon you. (If you’re my professional nemesis, that day will be every day — you literally will not go one day without being inexplicably rewarded! Anyway.)

On that day, you may…

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