Day 2. Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Showed up for 9:00 am to start working at 9:15 as usual. Suzie told us that we were all going to go which was so amazing. Leaving at 11:00 to get to the Savoy, we were told to head straight up to the Royal Suite, I was like OH STOP…!!

As someone who has never been in the Savoy before it was an amazing experience. We went up to the Royal Suite and one of the butlers let us in. I can only described the sutie in one word… Unreal. In total, this suite had seven rooms and it’s own bar. We dumped our bags and went to wait for Suzie and Claire with the garments. Once we collected them we started setting them up in order to be steamed and what ones suzie was going to use in the room when she would have her client meetings. After fittings and making sure everything was prefect… it was time for the show to start. It was very stressful as the changes were very quick. Over all the day went so well and the show ran smoothly.