Day 5. Monday 8th May 2017

Today I got told I was moving on to an actual garment piece. It was nerve racking being told as it was my first week and I was moving on to the real thing. I was working on a wedding dress. If you are to be working on a wedding dress you can’t be a smoker, or wear any make-up, as this is because if we have dirty hands and your sewing crystals on you will see the dirt marks on the stitches at the back.

The task I was given was sewing the crystals on a narrow piece of lace. On every ‘scallop’ I had to sew 15 crystals in a certain way. The lace is going to be for a dress that is top to bottom covered in the lace strips. There is going to be different layers of the lace with different amount of crystals on each piece. It is half finished and it already looks amazing. I am going to be woking on this lace now until it is finished, so I can’t wait to see what the end result looks like.

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