Why we’re co-designing with the blind and low vision community.

Disabled people are too often the recipients of design. To put it another way: Too often, products are designed for people with disabilities. The fact is, these products would be more successful and beneficial if they were created in collaboration with the disabled community.

In The New York Times, Liz Jackson, founder of the Disabled List and advocate for designing with disability, described people with disabilities as the “original life-hackers.” And after working with the blind and low-vision community this summer, we couldn’t agree more. …

A closer look at the spectrum of vision impairment and interesting research insights.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve done a sizable amount of research, which has included interviewing people who are blind or low-vision (BLV) and subject matter experts in an effort to become subject matter experts ourselves. We spoke with technology and accessibility experts—including Verizon’s accessibility team and people at Verizon’s Open Innovation lab. In an attempt to experience vision impairment first-hand, we did immersive research through an empathy experiment and went on various off-site visits to vision impairment community centers and an exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt.

In an effort to expand our knowledge we also attended events on topics…

Lauren Fox

Graphic Designer based in NYC. Currently at Pentagram. Previously at Moment and MTWTF in New York City.

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