Be Proud Of You — Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

Do you consider yourself beautiful?

Dove launched the “Campaign for Real Beauty” in 2004 after learning that only 2% of women around the world described themselves as beautiful, according to a study conducted by Edelman. More than 3,000 women in 10 countries participated in the study.

The “Evolution” video was considered the tipping point for viewers:

In just over a minute, viewers are reminded of the unrealistic body standards that women strive to achieve. The ordinary woman in the video receives a full face of makeup and professional hair-styling. Only after this “prep” work is she ready for a photo shoot where a single photo is selected for an ad on a billboard. But first, the photograph is placed in Photoshop, a photo-editing software, in order to make the woman “flawless.” Her neck is lengthened, her lips are enlarged, her eyes are larger and more defined, and her cheeks are narrowed. The woman on the billboard isn’t even a woman with exceptional makeup and hair who photographs well — she isn’t even real.

Although the Evolution video is over a decade old, it is very much relevant. Woman are constantly wanting to change their physical appearance in order to be beautiful like that woman in the magazine, on Instagram, or on a Billboard. But what happens when that “beauty” we strive to obtain is unattainable? What happens when that “beauty” isn’t real?

Aiming for unachievable “beauty” is a losing battle — how can you be as beautiful as a woman who had to be photo-shopped to be considered beautiful? Simple… you can’t.

Instead of trying to be as skinny as Kendall Jenner or as sexy as Megan Fox, why don’t we all embrace our individuality and redefine the unrealistic beauty standard? Let’s all take a moment to think about what we love about ourselves, something we are proud of.

Now, let’s spread that pride and self-confidence, because we are much stronger together than we are alone.


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