I am not perfect.
Greg Taylor

I’m not perfect for the following reason(s):

  1. No one is.
  2. I have lied, cheated, and stole. No, not in the criminal sense one may have thought when they read this. We all lie, cheat, and steal at some point in our lifetimes.
  3. I always strive for more. This is a toxic habit. It sounds great, but fulfillment and/or contentment is not reached. This creates a false sense of being in the moment.
  4. I do nice things for everyone which is great. 1% of me does this selfishly. Not to receive something in return, but to “make up for any wrongdoings”. That I guess would be like confession (I am not a practicing Catholic).
  5. I am not perfect because I trust to a fault.
  6. I also secretly hate a few people.
  7. I wear “masks” to accommodate different people; therefore I am sometimes fake.
  8. I do not tell people what they want to hear.
  9. I can be extremely annoying and obnoxious (and I am kind of proud of that trait).
  10. I am me, therefore, I am a not perfect. I am a close perfect version of myself.