Uninstall Touchpal? Here’s why you shouldn’t

Lauren F.
Lauren F.
Jun 25, 2018 · 3 min read

What Is TouchPal?

There is an abundance of input methods across many mobile devices which runs across platforms such as iOS and Android. However, there is an alternative input method that has risen to prominence called TouchPal. TouchPal is an input method developed by CooTek.

TouchPal runs across Android, Windows Mobile and Windows 8. It used to support Apple’s iOS platform, but no longer supports it. TouchPal covers a virtual keyboard on the touchscreen, and you can make your entries with merely your fingers and sliding them across the keyboard.

This presents a different option to those who do not prefer default keyboards from the provider.

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Technological Makeup

The user interface of TouchPal is predicated on the “T+ technology” which is owned by CooTek. In terms of the actual layout, it resembles the popular QWERTY keyboard design greatly.

With this physical form, it makes each button big enough to tap with your thumb, while not abandoning the typical computer layout.


What makes TouchPal an interesting input method is its versatility. TouchPal makes great use of the predictive text that is present on the device, which prevents tedious writing.

However, the primary feature in its usage appears to be in its sliding ability. Users could slide in either the left or right direction for precise letter input, up for uppercase letters, up then down to place numbers on top and down for symbols.


TouchPal, fortunately, goes beyond merely inputting text and data into your mobile device as it has innovations in other areas as well. TouchPal has developed their technology to adapt to the popular Emoji craze. There are also cosmetic adaptations as well, as there are multiple themes available. If you like embedded plugins, one for Twitter exists.

For larger touchscreens, one-handed keyboards are available to use. Under the TouchPal name, there are additional features available. For example, TouchPal Wave uses gestures to input phrases that are commonly used in society. In addition, TouchPal Curve utilizes word gesture technology.

Language Availability

TouchPal has made its impact reach worldwide, as TouchPal provides mixed language prediction and over 100 available languages.

Clients of TouchPal

Over 45 OEM’s have TouchPal used for their products and approximately 18% of all Android phones are shipped with the TouchPal interface as the default setting for keyboards. Worldwide, there are over 50 million shipments containing TouchPal keyboard as well.


TouchPal has been widely recognized for its innovation and use for mobile devices. In 2009, CooTek won the award for Mobile Innovation at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards. In this competition, the most relevant and modern-day applications, devices, services, and technologies are rewarded.

Three years later, CooTek was able to reach the Final-stage of the Battlefield of TechCrunch Disrupt in Beijing. Here, the most innovative new products were rewarded based on reviews from expert judges. In added acclaim, it was featured on the main page of the Google Play store that same year, expanding its reach.

TouchPal has proven itself to be a feasible alternative to common input methods and has risen to somewhat become a standard bearer. With all of the innovations the interfae has already put in place, there may be more on the horizon.

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