ALL 50 State Senate Districts in Iowa have Indivisible Chapters

Please check out my post in one of Iowa’s best Democratic blogs, Bleeding Heartland, about the Indivisible movement in Iowa, which has taken off beyond our wildest expectations. Here’s an excerpt:

As of writing this, we have chapters in all 50 districts. This means that every Democratic candidate in every Senate and House District has a group–however small–ready to support them in 2018. This means that every group is talking to folks about running for upcoming city council, mayoral, and school board elections. And it means that Democrats, even in Fremont County, are finding each other. The growth has been beyond what any of us expected (I genuinely felt that if I found 10 people in HD 73, it would be a win. We have over 100). Managing the group has taken enormous time and effort from some bad ass committed men and women. — See more at:
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