This is being sent out to schools…I wonder why?

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TransgenderTrend’s Schools Resource Pack, 3rd Edition. It’s been revised twice; just keep that in mind as you read this article.

If I’d have told you five years ago that our Equalities Minister — the person in government who is supposed to protect the rights and interests of all, particularly of marginalised groups — would tacitly approve of the contents of a guide for schools written by a lobbying group hostile to transgender rights, how would you have reacted?

You’d be forgiven for thinking I was out of my mind. 2015 was, of course, the year of Laverne Cox being the “transgender tipping point”, of Caitlyn Jenner appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair, of Obama and Biden’s It Gets Better videos. Trans rights were finally being viewed as a valid cause to support. …

Seven assertions, and no substance to be found.

TERFs — trans-exclusionary radical feminists — are somewhat infamous for their shaky relationship with the truth, but it should be said the memes (masquerading as FACTS, of course) circulating within their echo chambers give this a whole new meaning.

Oftentimes, these posts parrot taling points which, when taken at face value, can seem scientifically verifiable and grounded in solid fact…but dig a little deeper, and you find what any decent person would tell you all along: they’re just talking points. Arguments tailored to further an agenda, one in which truth doesn’t matter.

For what it’s worth, I really should rise above this kind of hateful rhetoric, but sometimes it’s worth going to hell and back just to prove a point. …

If you do not stand with us, you stand against us.

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(Image credit: Trans Pride London)

I had hoped I would never have to write something like this. That society would have evolved enough to realise that trans peoples’ lives actually matter. That, you know, people would give a damn about people dying.

I really thought things would be better by now, I really did.

When I realised who I was all those years ago, I’d hoped maybe things would have improved to the point people weren’t actively trying to deny trans people their rights.

If anything, the situation has only deteriorated.

I never thought I would see the day where people I have always considered my friends — close allies, those who always claim to have supported me — are now sharing such flagrant lies dressed up as journalism. “Men Don’t Belong In Womens’ Sport”. “[insert conservative here] DESTROYS Transgender Cult With ONE Point!”. …

Navigating the big, wide world, with no family support.

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I’m not going to admit I got this photo from a conservative website (f**k the Tories).

I’m going to start this piece off with an embarrassing admission. This article comes off the back of around a week’s worth of nightmares, each one involving past trauma I’ve never been able, or had the opportunity, to come to terms with.

I feel like what I’m about to say is dramatic and somewhat ‘edgy’, but anybody who’s known me for any length of time would know this to be true.


I don’t actually have a family.

Not really.

How this came to be is a whole other story I’ll tell some other time, but for now, take that statement at face value. Since I left home (read: was kicked out) at 18, certain things have become patently obvious to me, that directly stem from my family’s lack of support towards who I am and what I wished to do with my life. …

This list will shock you…

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Image source: NBC News
  1. Don’t ask about their fucking genitals. Seriously. Not cool.
  2. If they’ve just come out to you? Use whatever name/pronoun they ask you to use, chances are they trust you enough for you to respect who they are. Don’t be a dick.
  3. Don’t ask about their genitals, I don’t care how curious you are.
  4. Be there for them. This shit is hard and it helps when you have support around you.
  5. See 1 and 3.
  6. Don’t let transphobia fly. Seriously, if someone makes their millionth “attack helicopter” joke you shut that shit down.
  8. Treat them pretty much the same as you would any other decent human being. …

On the day you should be the most visible…you could never feel less so.

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For this Transgender Day of Visibility, I’m going to do something different.

I could gawk about how being seven months on estrogen has massively improved my confidence, my mood and, let’s be honest, my appearance – and believe you me, I do, quite often…but not this year.

I’m going to try and explain what it’s like to transition…while somehow still in the closet. If it sounds paradoxical, allow me to explain.

Transitioning, While Also Not Transitioning

But many MPs aren’t too pleased.

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Corbyn gives his speech at the despatch box. (image source: The Independent)

“The ayes to the right – 240. The noes to the left – 324. So the NOES have it, the NOES have it!”

That was the sound of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s heart breaking, as his plan for a Brexit withdrawal agreement was defeated in the Commons by a majority of 84 votes. After a moment of what appeared to be silent contemplation, Corbyn announced that his party would support a public vote on the final Brexit deal.

Five Demands

And why does it keep cropping up everywhere?

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Of course it was the Daily Mail. (image credit: myself)

[Note: this article was originally written July 7th, 2018, on an old account of mine. It goes without saying that all information is correct as of that date. Though the article is presented here as originally drafted, where new information comes to light, I will endeavour to update as necessary.]

Ah, bigotry. Where would our world be without it, if not fifty years ahead?

It’s often used as sensationalist clickbait to try and reel people into reading half-baked ‘news’ articles. “British Children As Young As Four Questioning Gender”. “Trans Classes For Kids Aged TWO”. “Sex-Change Men To Give Birth On NHS”. …

A new party gears up for battle, despite not actually being a party at all…

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The Independent Group pose for their first official team photo — I reckon Soubry’s in goal. (image © BBC)

I’m sure that by now, you don’t need me to tell you that British politics is in more than a little bit of chaos.

With just 30 days until March 29th (as of writing this), and various businesses leaving the UK ahead of the uncertainty unfolding in Westminster, you would think that all we could ask of our elected representatives was some kind of stability.

Some things I’ve been feeling recently.

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Y’know what? I’m sick of being trans. I really am.

I’m sick of seeing things like “White Guy DESTROYS Tranny Libtard With ONE SENTENCE” in my YouTube recommendations, as if who I am is just a debating tactic, a talking point for privately-educated white men with crap haircuts yelling rapidly about how we’re really some weird concoction of confused and deceitful.

I’m sick of seeing posters stuck around my hometown telling everyone how I’m a danger to “real women”, how all I want to do is spy on “real women” getting changed, and how I’m a devious, manipulative MONSTER who wants to change the definition of woman even though “WOMEN DON’T HAVE PENISES”. …


Lauren Rae

23. Law student, musician, foodie. British by birth, American by choice. I write things and make cakes.

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