Startup commercializes assistive wheelchair technology, develops first prototype

Prehensile Technologies, a startup company out of Purdue University, has created an assistive wheelchair technology to provide people an easier option for a desk surface than existing tables. What they have called the RoboDesk is a motorized arm attached to a wheelchair with a mount that can hold a tablet or lightweight notebook. They hope that this device will help people with mobility issues gain access to the scientific communities, or expand their freedom in other fields.

UK Sidewalks Are Spewing Wifi Into the Street

Virgin Media has begun providing wifi to residents of the town of Chesham in the UK through the very ground under their feet. The access points are installed under panels in the sidewalk around the town’s center and in a nearby park and are connected to the local fiber network. Attempts at providing wifi on the street have also been made by Google in the US, using old phone-booths in New York.

This Rifle Doesn’t Need Bullets to Shoot Down Drones

The “cyber rifle” was built by Army Cyber Institute to use for taking down Parrot quad-rotors. It is a Raspberry Pi and a wifi antenna put together in the shape of a rifle to give the device a familiar feel in the hands of soldiers. The rifle uses a known flaw in the quad-rotors to shoot them down.

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